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Please see the infos below & reach out by email to discuss your interests. Diverse perspectives and training backgrounds bearing on the focal questions of the group are welcome.

Postdoctoral Associates & Fellows
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    • The lab welcomes inquiries from individuals interested in joining the lab to work as postdocs on phage-bacteria interactions in the oral microbiome. Those joining the group without external funding will be expected to directly support current and developing project lines described on the “Home” page. Funding is currently available for a postdoctoral fellow through the NIH/NIDCR-funded “Advanced Training in Oral Biology” T32 National Research Service Award Institutional Training Grant (trainees must be US citizens or permanent residents to be eligible), as well as for a clinical dental specialist postdoctoral scholar through the NIH/NIDCR-funded “Buffalo Oral-Research and Specialty Training Program (BORST)” K12 (trainees must be US citizens or permanent residents to be eligible). If you are interested in joining the group please reach out by email, including your CV and a statement of interest.
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Credit to @SammyKatta for poster design & to @kenzie3kinz for creating the virus version. Please take Sammy’s pledge before reusing or posting. And thank you to @virome_girl for sharing this on twitter where we found it.